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What is IFS?

Integration and Self-Compassion. Living with Authenticity. Healing Emotional Wounds. Transformative Self-Discovery

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IFS basics

Developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, IFS (Internal Family Systems) delves deep into the internal landscape of individuals, offering a path toward healing, self-awareness, and emotional balance.

At its core, IFS therapy acknowledges that within each of us exists a multiplicity of inner "parts". These parts hold distinct emotions, beliefs, and desires, often forming our responses and behaviors.

Treating Trauma with IFS

IFS offers a safe space to explore and heal past emotional wounds or traumas held by exiled parts of ourselves. By engaging with our parts we can discover trauma's role in creating protective or management strategies that we may rely on in our everyday life, such as escaping pain through drug use, or managing deep wounds regarding self-worth through negative self-talk.

Core Self

At Four Pillars we believe in the IFS tenant of a "Core Self" that can never be damaged or changed. It's our experience as therapists that therapy, especially using an IFS lens, can offer a reminder of who we really are beyond our symptoms. The ultimate goal of IFS therapy is integration – achieving harmony and balance among the various parts within. This process helps individuals move towards a state of self-led leadership where they can respond to life's challenges authentically.

Feel free to reach out for a consultation to see how IFS might be a fit for your therapeutic journey

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