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"What we have not conquered in the past returns again and again, each time with slightly different faces but fundamentally the same, until we have confronted the ancient knowledge and untied it" - Satprem

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can address a host of issues, from stress management, parenting, anxiety and panic, grief and loss, past trauma and abuse or adjusting to changing life circumstances. Kelly uses her background in Depth Psychology and her training in IFS, EMDR, DBT, and mindfulness to meet you where you are and explore life on your terms. Contact for a free 30 minute consultation.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offerings are ever changing to meet the needs of the community. Continue to check here for updates or contact us for the latest information.


EMDR is a type of trauma intervention that has been shown to "speed up" there therapeutic process. Though there are no guarantees in therapy, EMDR is a more targeted approach to trauma than traditional talk therapy.

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