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"What we have not conquered in the past returns again and again, each time with slightly different faces but fundamentally the same, until we have confronted the ancient knowledge and untied it" - Satprem

Guiding Principals

At Four Pillars we believe in everyone's potential to grow, transform and develop a loving relationship with Self. Whatever your unique struggle, we will meet you where you are without judgement. You deserve to experience the fullness of your best possible self, and we consider it a great honor to help facilitate that journey, wherever it may lead. At Four Pillars we specialize in trauma, anxiety, grief, stress and personal growth while using therapeutic techniques gathered from IFS, EMDR, DBT, Person-centered and Eclectic perspectives. We're looking forward to meeting and witnessing your story. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy offerings are ever changing to meet the needs of the community. Continue to check here for updates or contact us for the latest information.


EMDR is a type of trauma intervention that has been shown to "speed up" there therapeutic process. Though there are no guarantees in therapy, EMDR is a more targeted approach to trauma than traditional talk therapy.

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